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Capitol Records

Capitol Records

Capitol Records

1750 Vine Street, Los Angeles, CA


The blinking light atop the tower spells out the word “Hollywood” in Morse code. It is classified as a cultural monument.

The recording facility has eight echo chambers, which were engineered by Les Paul and also main studios A, B and C.

Frank Sinatra had close ties to the studios and recorded much of his work there. He was particularly fond of the Neumann U 47 mike, which he always carried around with him and used for sessions.

His first album recorded at Capitol was Frank Sinatra Conducts, Tone Poems of Color.

Then in 2012, Studio A received a new AMS Neve 88R mixing console, designed and built for Al Schmitt and Sir Paul McCartney. The Beatles – as a group – never actually cut records theorem but the label offices were in the tower so over the years they spent a good amount of time in the building.

It was a favourite of The Beach Boys, and many other famous artists.  Always a good photo op, and the four Beatles’ Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame are outside of the building too.


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