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1567 Blue Jay Way

1567 Blue Jay Way

1567 Blue Jay Way

Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles


Blue Jay Way was an address where George Harrison stayed on one of his sojourns to Los Angeles in August 1967. The house belonged to Peggy Lee’s manager.

He flew into LAX from London, jetlagged, and waited for Derek Taylor, The Beatles’ Publicist to arrive with some paperwork he needed to sign, but Derek was delayed, so George passed the time by writing a song, which he called “Blue Jay Way” and it made its way on to the Magical Mystery Tour album.

It was a very foggy night, and Derek got lost in the Canyons of the Hollywood Hills, leaving George to fend for himself for an unexpectedly long time. The composition was in psychedelic mode, as were the minds of The Beatles at that time in their lives.

It was just before George went to Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco, where Flower Power was all the rage.

This marked a change of direction for George who was into mysticism and deeper thinking.

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