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2850 Benedict Canyon

2850 Benedict Canyon

2850 Benedict Canyon

Beverly Hills, CA, 90210 USA

This is a house that The Beatles rented from Zsa Zsa Gabor. It was up in the Hollywood Hills, and they hoped it would prove to be a peaceful getaway. They planned to relax and spend time in the pool.

It was just up the side from the Beverly Hills Hotel, in a canyon. There were several bedrooms, and the boys and crew were taken care of by a young man from a local catering company. Every day, he, along with one or two female assistants took care of the food, laying the tables, providing the sumptuous meals and drinks, and clearing away as if by magic at the end of the day. Next day, they would reappear and repeat the process.

But it wasn’t long before one of the local radio DJs spilled the beans, and from then on, they were besieged by ardent fans.

It was in August of 1965, from August 23rd to 27th, when they had a few days off to recharge their batteries ready for the next stint.

Alf Bicknell, their driver, did his best to keep the fans at bay, but not always with success. He said in one of his interviews that he thought a girl had dropped into the pool from a helicopter. At least, that was his recollection of it. Or maybe she had just sneaked in over the wall. But who knows. Some of those fans were very inventive.


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