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57 Green Street

57 Green Street

57 Green Street

Mayfair, London W1K 6RH, UK

This is a place that Beatles fans still like to include on their walking tours of the City, if only to pause to take a photograph.

57 Green Street in London’s upscale Mayfair neighbourhood has the distinction of being the only home where all four Beatles lived at the same time – all crammed in together in “Flat L.”

When The Beatles moved to London in the summer of 1963, they were staying at The President Hotel on Russell Square. It became apparent to Brian that as they were in London more than anywhere else, he needed to find them a suitable place to live.

That is how he came to decide on 57 Green Street.

One can only imagine them all living in a shared apartment.

The sharing didn’t last long for John and Cynthia, and they, together with baby Julian moved out as soon as they were able to find their own space.

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