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The White Star Pub

The White Star Pub

The White Star Pub

2-4 Rainford Gardens, Liverpool, L2 6PT UK
Tel:+44 151-231-6861


This friendly and welcoming little pub is just paces from The Cavern, and can always be sure of a full house of music lovers, ranging from locals to tourists. In the back room aka “The Snug” is where Brian Epstein used to go and meet The Beatles after shows to settle the box office takings. There are lots of old photos adorning the walls. This is also where Jim McCartney used to pop in once in a while – sometimes with Beatles Fan Club Secretary and Brian Epstein’s Assistant, friend Freda Kelly on a market day (when the pubs were open all day), for a quick nip to get out of the cold at lunchtime.

They serve real ale, and it’s always popular with all comers. It is a Victorian building that has stood the test of time, and never disappoints. They have put a roof on the Gents’ toilet outside, but it still retains its original..shall we say “charm”.

Sing songs tend to break out, and maybe even the occasional old codger playing the spoons. Its atmosphere is great, and you feel like you are at a family party – Liverpool style.

Check with them for current open hours. Covid-19 has created some limitations, although they are always anxious to please. It’s a small place, filled with Beatles and Maritime memorabilia as The White Star Pub was named after The White Star Line, the famous shipping company that built The Titanic.

There are usually a few folkies in there who will burst into song at the drop of a hat.

Take your camera. You’ll be sure to get some happy snaps of the crowd in there.


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