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Walton Hospital

Walton Hospital

Walton Hospital

Paul McCartney’s Birthplace

(Permanantly closed)

Rice Lane, Prescot Street, Liverpool L9 1AE, United Kingdom


Mary McCartney gave birth to Paul in Walton Hospital on 18th June 1942. One of the many hospitals that she had worked at during her stint as a Midwife.

Walton Hospital had a long and incredible run. In fact, my own daughter, Ruth, was born there in

February of 1960, and I always have fond memories of the kindness that I experienced there during pretty difficult times. (And that groovy Dr. Kirkland was pretty special too). All the Nurses and lots of the patients had the hots for him. He was like the George Clooney of his day.

It closed in 1964 when the entity was merged with Fazakerley Hospital as part of the National Health System.

The building still remains, silent and empty. Some have even said it’s haunted.

But you might want to take a photograph of it while you’re in the area.

Here’s a VERY rough and ready video from Kev the Cab Driver from Scousers Abroad:–wNeI4


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