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St. Barnabas Church

St. Barnabas Church

St. Barnabas Church

Smithdown Place, Near Penny Lane, Liverpool L18 6JJ

St Barnabas church is located across from the famous Penny Lane roundabout made famous by John Lennon and McCartney. Paul McCartney attended and was in the choir at this church made famous by the Beatles. Paul pointed it out on a drive by with US talk show host James Corden in his Carpool Karaoke segment on Liverpool.

Paul made another appearance in more recent times, when he was best man at the wedding of his brother Michael, to Rowena Horne in 1982. This Church is beautiful and has a calming effect on one when you enter. And it is doubly interesting, of course, because of its Beatles connections. They periodically open up the bell tower, when you can go to the top and have an amazing view of the entire City.

A truly worthwhile photo op for the Day Tripper. And so close to visit while you are at Penny Lane.

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