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Sefton General Hospital (Formerly)

Sefton General Hospital (Formerly)

Sefton General Hospital (Formerly)

Smithdown Road, Liverpool L15


Sefton General Hospital was originally part of Toxteth Park Workhouse, which was part of the West Derby Union. In 1930 the Union was disbanded due to the abolition of the poor law, and the hospital, which was now administered by Liverpool Corporation, changed its name to Smithdown Road Infirmary. Sefton General was an NHS (public) hospital where John’s Mother Julia Lennon was taken after being a victim in a road accident and was pronounced DOA on July 15th, 1958.

John was 17 years old at the time, and he was at Julia’s house at 17 Bloomfield Road when a policeman came to tell him and John Dykins, (Julia’s boyfriend) that she had been involved in an accident but did not tell them of the outcome.

The two immediately rushed there in a taxi, to learn the distressing news. This was the hospital where Julia’s two daughters by Dykins had also been born, Julia and Jacqueline. Dykins himself died there in 1969, another victim of a road accident.

Then on 8th April 1963, Cynthia Lennon gave birth to son Julian in that same hospital. John was on tour at the time, but it was a very difficult birth, with the umbilical cord being wrapped around Julian’s neck.

It is said that, when John finally visited his wife and son, he held him in his arms and said: “Who’s going to be a famous little rocker like his Dad then?.” How right he was. Julian is an incredibly talented, philanthropic, loving and all round wonderful guy, whom I am proud to call my friend.


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