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Reece’s Café and Ballroom

Reece’s Café and Ballroom

Reece’s Café and Ballroom

John & Cynthia’s Wedding Reception Location
Corner of Parker Street and Leigh Street, Liverpool L1


My recollections of Reece’s Café was that it was rather upscale, with a grocery store on the ground floor, a Café upstairs, and a Ballroom on the top floor, where they would hold  Wednesday and Saturday afternoon Tea Dances, to which I was very partial in my younger days. It was a great place to meet boys who actually wore collars and ties.

We were very proper in those days, many ladies wearing hats, gloves, and twirly skirts. We were accompanied by a live band. I think the price of admission was about a shilling.

When John Lennon married Cynthia Powell in a secret ceremony on August 23rd 1962, Brian Epstein (the Best Man for the occasion) said he would “take care of everything”. Paul and George also attended. In fact, when the officiant asked for the groom to step forward, George, to break the ice, did so causing giggles all round.

And so it was, off to Reece’s…Brian had forgotten to book a table, so they were kept waiting in the lobby for about twenty minutes before being seated. It was busy with lunchtime local office workers. Incidentally, Reece’s was where John’s parents Alf and Julia had also celebrated their own wedding in 1938.

The guests in 1963 included Paul and George, and they all sat down and tucked in to a hearty meal.






A repast fit for a king!

The restaurant didn’t have an alcohol license at the time, so Brian toasted the Bride and Groom in water. And when Brian paid the bill, it totalled fifteen shillings, i.e. 75 pence per head. Ahhh … the good old days.

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