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Joseph Williams Primary School

Joseph Williams Primary School

Joseph Williams Primary School

Sunnyfield Rd, Netherley, Liverpool L25 2NB


When Stockton Wood School became overcrowded, Paul and Michael McCartney were moved to Joseph Williams Primary School in Netherley.

This meant a half hour bus ride from where they were living in Speke, but the lads seemed to enjoy their travel time. It was a newly built school in a preservation area, so it was a nice change for them.

The boys had a great relationship with their headmaster, whom they called “Pop.” At this stage in his life, Paul had put on weight, and was unhappy as the kids started calling him “fatty.”

However, he was a good student and didn’t have any problems passing his exams, qualifying him to become a pupil at The Liverpool Institute. He was a pupil at Joseph Williams from 1949 to 1953.

On the former school site there is now a retirement home called Joseph Williams Mews.

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