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The Liverpool Empire Theatre

The Liverpool Empire Theatre

The Liverpool Empire Theatre

Lime St, Liverpool L1 1JE, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 844 871 3017


The Liverpool Empire’s history dates back to 1925, and has undergone many changes of ownership and style throughout the years.

Liverpool was delighted that The Beatles had performed there in their early days. I have a fond recollection of seeing Roy Rogers actually ride into the Lobby on Trigger, his trusty steed. I don’t know if they had a stable for him (the horse) backstage, or who took care of him while his Master was on stage.

The Quarrymen were the first to appear there, when they auditioned for the Carroll Levis Talent show: Search for the Stars. They didn’t win on that occasion, but later re-entered the contest, calling themselves Johnny and The MoonDogs. This time they got as far as the finals, which were held in Manchester.

The Beatles made their first appearance in October 1962 in a production co-produced by NEMS and Ray McFall of The Cavern. There were two shows that evening and The Beatles were the third act onstage.

In March 1963, they were back on the bill supporting Chris Montez and Tommy Roe, and on the afternoon of 7th December 1963 they filmed a special edition of Juke Box Jury, and later the same day, filmed another BBC show called It’s The Beatles.

Their final show at The Liverpool Empire was on 5th December 1965, by which time they were famous, and there were over 10,000 ticket requests. That was the last time they played in Liverpool as The Beatles. Paul McCartney would return on May 18th 1973 with WINGS = you can see the set list at

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