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The Liverpool College of Art

The Liverpool College of Art

The Liverpool College of Art

68 Hope St, Liverpool L1 7AY, United Kingdom


In early 2012, the College was purchased by LIPA (The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts)  for GBP 3.7 million as they wished to expand their range of services offered to include dance tuition, and a studio theatre.

Mark Feathertone-Witty, LIPA CEO and co-founding Principal (along with Paul McCartney), is quoted as saying at the time that “There are sound business reasons why we are buying the College of Art, but there’s no denying the romance of bringing together two buildings where three Beatles once did their learning.

The notables he was referring to are Art School students John Lennon and Stuart Sutcliffe, and of course Paul himself at “The Inny.”

In addition, Cynthia Powell (the future Mrs. John Lennon) studied at the College, along with famed Liverpool writer Bill Harry, and Derek Taylor, one time Beatles Publicist and Head of Warner Brothers, UK.

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