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3 Gambier Terrace

3 Gambier Terrace

3 Gambier Terrace

Hope Street Quarter, Liverpool L1 7BG

Gambier Terrace is a street of 19th century properties, close to the two Liverpool Cathedrals, where John Lennon and Stuart Sutcliffe lived, celebrating their freedom from the restrictions of family life.

Stuart moved in there first, then asked his neighbours if they would agree to let his homeless friend (John Lennon) to move in with him. They agreed.

John used to take Cynthia Powell, his future wife there for romantic trysts. It was sparsely furnished, with little comfort or convenience, but it was where they were able to hide away from prying eyes.

Numbers 1 through 10 are now considered luxury apartments, with a Grade II listing on the National Register, and its value has increased considerably since those days. In fact, in August 2019, a 3 bedroomed apartment was listed at GBP 280,000. That’s the equivalent of almost  $370,000 US! Quite an upgrade, I would say.

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