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12 Ardwick Road

12 Ardwick Road

12 Ardwick Road

aka Paul McCartney’s Childhood Home
Speke, Liverpool L24 2UA


Ardwick Road in the Speke area of Liverpool was another of the many rental properties where the McCartney family lived, due to the fact that their mother, Mary, was a midwife and was frequently housed in the district where she worked as a peripatetic midwife. (Yes, go on, look it up – it means mobile).

This was their home previous to moving to 20 Forthlin Road, before Paul was able to make his Dad independent  by buying him his own home, Rembrandt, on the other side of the Mersey in Gayton, Wirral.

The Speke estate was built by Liverpool Corporation with a plan to build a new town for all classes of people. Unfortunately, this didn’t work out as they had planned, it quickly became beset by crime, gangs and a place to avoid.

Although they didn’t know one another yet, the Harrisons lived in the same area, and Paul and George would get to know one another later on, meeting up on the bus to school (The Liverpool Institute). And now, the site of the Liverpool John Lennon Airport is only a mile or two away…little did they think then what their futures would hold.

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