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Friedrich Ebert Halle

Friedrich Ebert Halle

Friedrich Ebert Halle

Alter Postweg 34, 21075 Hamburg, Germany

S-Bahn Heimfeld:


The Beatles recorded an instrumental titled “Cry For A Shadow” on 22nd June 1961 at The Friedrich Ebert Halle Studios in Hamburg.  They were there as a back-up band to singer Tony Sheridan.

George composed the song, together with John,  and it was in the style of the other famous Group, The Shadows. At that time,The Shadows, with their distinctive style, had made a name for themselves as Cliff Richard’s Band and they were hugely successful at that time.

This song is the only Beatles title that credits Harrison and Lennon as writers.

The original plan was for it to be the B side of another Tony Sheridan song,”Why,” but the RecordCompany decided against it and used an entirely different song.

Then in June 1964, as the fame of the Beatles was beginning to grow Polydor decided to release it and “Why” became the B side with the A side being credited to The Beates.

According to Bill Harry,  editor of Mersey Beat newspaper, “Cry for a Shadow’s” original title was “Beatle Bop.”

It was intended to be released as the b-side of “Why“, another Sheridan song with The Beatles, but the record company chose to release another song instead. In early 1964, as The Beatles were gaining popularity, the record company Polydor decided to release it, with “Why” changed to the b-side. According to Bill Harry, editor of the Mersey Beat newspaper, Cry for a Shadow’s original title was “Beatle Bop”.

It was also released in 1995 as part of the Anthology 1 compilation.

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