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The Indra Club

The Indra Club

The Indra Club

Grosse Freiheit 64, Hamburg, 22767


The original Beatles (including Stuart Sutcliffe and Pete Best), played here many times between August 1960 and December 1962. Their first Booking Agent/Manager, Allan Williams, got them their first gigs, having previously had success with another of his Acts, Derry & The Seniors.

They took on Pete Best as their regular drummer just a few days before they were to set off to Germany for the beginning of their big adventure.

It was there that they met Astrid Kircherr, who was to figure largely in their lives and careers.

She was the originator of their famous “Beatles” haircuts, which hit the world by storm. Thus began their new image, to be followed by tailored suits, Beatle boots et al, when Brian Epstein entered their lives and decided that their image was all important.

It was during their time in Hamburg that Astrid and Stuart Sutcliffe came together. Stuart decided to leave the band and concentrate on his studies.

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