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Bambi Kino

Bambi Kino

Bambi Kino

Paul-Roosen Strasse 33,
Hamburg 22727, Germany

It opened in 1959 originally named as the Luna Kino. In the early-1960’s, the Bambi Kino was just a litte run-down cinema. The Beatles camped out in a storage room behind the screen on their first visit to Hamburg in August-November 1960 to play their stint at The Indra Club. The Bambi Kino was owned by Bruno Koschmider, (who also owned the Indra Club), and also the Kaiserkeller in the basement of Grosse Freiheit 36, both of which were where The Beatles performed during that initial visit to the city.

When Pete Best and Paul went back to the Bambi Kino to college their luggage before going home, the place was in darkness. They found a condom in their luggage, stuck it to a nail on the wall, set fire to it to get some light to find their stuff. There was no real damage done, but Koschmider reported them both for attempted arson and they spent 3 hours in the local Police Station. A scary experience, I’m sure.

The Bambi Kino closed down shortly after and was converted into apaartments. As a nod to its’ former fame, someone has painted a “Bambi” fawn on the garage door.

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