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Ye Cracke Pub

Ye Cracke Pub

Ye Cracke Pub

13 Rice Street, Liverpool L1 9BB
+44 151 709 4171

The name is in “old English” with a “Y” at the beginning, and an “E” at the end. The final “E” is silent, thus it is pronounced The Crack. Despite its name, the pub opened in fact in the 19th Century. There is a small room known as “The War Room” in the oldest part of the pub, which is said to have been used to discuss parts of The Boer War.

There are about 20 prints of local scenes on the walls, all dating from the 1960’s. John Lennon and his then girlfriend, Cynthia Powell used to go there when she and John Lennon were students at the Art School. And Stuart Sutcliffe and John would sit in the “snug” and down pints of Black Velvet at lunchtime.  It has a quaint old fashioned atmosphere, and is a warm welcoming spot. Ye Cracke was entwined with John Lennon’s personal life, as he came here when he learned his mother, Julia, had been killed and he also brought Cynthia here after meeting her at a college dance.

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