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The Beatles Statue

The Beatles Statue

The Beatles Statue

Pier Head, Liverpool L3 1BY, United Kingdom

An iconic statue of the Fab Four, in their hometown. The Beatles Statue arrived on Liverpool’s Waterfront in December 2015. Donated by the famous Cavern Club, the placement of the statue coincides with the 50 year anniversary of the band’s last gig played in Liverpool, at the Liverpool Empire Theatre. It was created by sculptor Andy Edwards.

Paul McCartney carries a camera, possibly in a nod to his relationship with Linda Eastman.

John Lennon holds two acorns in his hand. In June of 1968, Yoko Ono and John Lennon planted two acorns in the garden of Coventry Cathedral, England. The seeds, they said, represented their wish for world peace. After marrying in 1969, the couple sent a pair of acorns to leaders across the world asking that the “living sculptures” be planted as a symbol of world peace.

Ringo Starr has the number ‘8’ printed on the sole of his boot. The ‘8’ references L8, his childhood Postcode in Liverpool.

George Harrison has Sanskrit writing on the belt of his coat. Let ME know if you find out what it says!

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Check the website for Roag Bests’ Beatles Story Museum which is close by.

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