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The Cavern Club

The Cavern Club

The Cavern Club

10 Mathew St, Liverpool L2 6RE, United Kingdom

The Cavern in Mathew Street Liverpool needs no introduction. Not since The Beatles began their career there. It has lived through many changes, including a change of address, but has become known worldwide as a mecca for tourists.

In the early 60’s I used to sneak there in my lunch times to listen to the exciting music of the many Mersey bands, including The Beatles, never dreaming that I would become a part of their extended family when I married Jim McCartney, Paul’s Dad, in November 1964.

When you visit, be sure to tell Jon Keats, Bill Heckle or John Winstanley that Angie Mac sent you. As you’d expect, it is down a set of steps, leading to this magical place where it all began.

Tourists tend to write their names on the walls, when they can find a space. It has an atmosphere that you cannot explain until you have visited. In the early days, the kids would line up in Mathew Street, hoping to get in before they reached their maximum capacity. They’d move the rows of chairs to make room for them to dance, they called it The Cavern Stomp.

Group after group would take the tiny stage, belt out their music, many cover tunes, and then The Beatles began playing their own compositions, which was a brand new idea.

Then, once they had been on The Ed Sullivan Show in New York, their world, (and ours)

changed. I urge you to feel the vibe of The Cavern. You’ll never forget it.

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