Angie McCartney

Controller and Founder

Ext. 225

Born on Merseyside in 1929, Angie grew up in Liverpool during World War II, when much of her schooling took place in air raid shelters. Her actual schooling hours were restricted due to the constant bombing of the City.

Due to a diligent Mother, who insisted on reading, crossword puzzles, spelling bees etc. with her sisters, she developed a tendency for writing. Also, due to her parents’ backgrounds (Mother was a choral society singer, father a professional accompanist in the British Army), she was steeped in a love of music and theatre.

An early job was as a Box office clerk at The Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool, where she worked in May 1945, when Victory in Europe was proclaimed. Noel Coward was appearing at the theatre, and dispatched Angie with a letter to her mother and a large white five pound note, requesting that she be allowed to return to the theatre for a big celebration after the show.

Her foray into secretarial and administrative work began at a very early age when she worked at a commercial company in Liverpool called Litlewoods. They selected her for commercial training, where she soon became adept at shorthand, typing, book-keeping, filing, and the many mundane skills which girls were encouraged to embrace.

Angie was married to the late Jim McCartney, father of Sir Paul from 1964 until he passed away in 1976. She began the early Wings Fun Club for Paul, until the volume became so great, it had to be handed over to a team in London. This was at a time when Jim’s health was deteriorating, and Angie needed to take care of him.

Following Jim's death in 1976, Ruth and Angie moved to London in search of employment which led to a variety of interesting jobs including a stint at a nightly live TV show in London and for MPC Communications, where the principal, Michael P. Cohen managed a variety of prominent BBC radio and TV personalities.

She and daughter Ruth decided to try Australia in the eighties, where they consulted to the Elvis Presley traveling museum from Nashville, a truly interesting experience! They ultimately wound their way to California, where Angie worked for RKO Pictures Home Video, Omni Magazine, Starlight Foundation, Hollywood Online and subsequently, McCartney Multimedia.

When Ruth landed a recording contract in Germany in the early nineties, Angie took on the mantle of “roadie/Mum”, travelling with her all over Europe, and making several trips to Russia and Siberia, where she experienced first hand the wonders of a Cyrillic keyboard!

A couple of subsequent visits to Australia have extended her experience of commerce in that country, as well as making lots of friends.

She returned to California from Germany to work for USA TODAY, until the 1994 Northrdge quake encouraged her to relocate, when she moved to Nashville for 3 years, working in the Sales Department of The Tennessean newspaper. Eventually, she returned to Los Angeles, taking up a position with Hollywood Online (now As McCartney Multimedia began to grow, she joined them to take care of administrative and financial matters. (“Better than working for a living” she is oft heard to say.) Her interests are music, theatre, movies, and she is a great advocate of laughter!

On the musical front, Angie qualified as a piano teacher shortly before her 14th birthday, with the London Victoria College of Music, but concluded that she did not really have the dedication and patience it needs to be a teacher. She realized she was cut out to be a secretarial body – or as they were called in the United States – stenographers. This has led her to a tremendous variety of locations and skills, a decision which she has never regretted

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