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The Magical History Tour

Show Details:
Angie and daughter Ruth McCartney have been Beatles insiders from 1964 onwards, when Angie married Sir Paul's father Jim in November of that year.
Their walk down the long and winding road of the biggest music phenomena that the world has ever seen, is quite simply the only private glimpse of the Fab Four on tour today. Format: 90 minutes, chat show, multimedia videos, live band, meet & greet.

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McCartney Multimedia, Inc.
Design and Branding Services

For more than 20 years, we've come into contact with so many different businesses that we can truly say, when it comes to our branding, identity development, consulting services, web development, social media strategy and management, our network and reach of resources, your product / project is going to be in safe & experienced hands. Come down to the beach & let's chat about it. Or if you are based in Europe, visit our office in Vienna, Austria.

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Ruth McCartney
"The Digital Diva"

Ruth McCartney, step-sister of Sir Paul, is an internet, digital and new media entrepreneur holding the titles of CEO of, a creative digital agency; Co-Founder of fan management software company; and President of a QR technology and marketing software company.

Ruth is also a public speaker who lectures on various subjects from Big Data & e-Marketing, & Branding to Customer Engagement.

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Behind The Beatles

Show Details:
This down-to-earth Mother/Daughter duo share the true stories behind
the songs, their rare family photos, multimedia movies, the crazy fans’
stories on the long and winding road from The Cavern Club to The Hall
of Fame, all set to live acoustic music. Angie & her anecdotes. Ruth & her
revelations. The music, myths & memories. The secrets behind the songs. From 1957 to 1980. Imagine
all those Yesterdays! Format: 75 minutes, chat show, live acoustic music, multimedia videos and rare family photos, Q&A, meet & greet.

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Mrs. McCartney's Teas
The Teas ~ Organic, Fair Trade & Fab!

Angie is featuring a myriad of fab flavours of Organic and Fair Trade Teas for you to enjoy - you can find them by clicking on the Store below and each purchase will directly benefit the Linda McCartney Breast Cancer Research Centre in Liverpool, UK.

We feature 50 Shades of Earl Grey (if you're feeling naughtea); STRONG Irish Breakfast (be warned, your spoon might stand up in the cup); Strawberry Green Fields (forever); Blueberry Royale (for that Buckingham Palace feeling); South African Rooibos with Herbs de Provence (if South Africa and Southern France had a baby, this would be it!); GenMaiSencha (a green tea with a cheeky little toasted puffy rice) and if you just can't decide, then we can send you a Variety Pack of all six splendid comestibles for you to pick your favourite. More flavours like Rockstar Rescue coming soon.

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Angie McCartney
"The Tea Lady"

Born in Liverpool in 1929, and becoming the wife of the late Jim McCartney in 1964, Angie has lived the rock n' roll years as an insder. Embracing technology, she is an avid iPad reader, music lover & proponent of all things relating to the pursuit of furthering her organic tea business.
Now, as a published author she is embarking on book signing engagements all over the world.
She describes herself as “terminally cheerful” and has dictated in her Will that, at her memorial when she “pops her clogs” as she puts it, she wants everyone to sing Python’s “Always Look On The Bright Side of Life."

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Four Fab Courses Wine Dinner

A private dining experience with a Gourmet Chef and a menu based on the Mop Tops' world travels and influences. UK, Germany, India, & the USA. Each course is narrated by Ruth with back stories about the origins (terroir) of the music and the culture these lads created, how their musical tastes have influenced our dining tastes, all paired with incredible local organic ingredients and wines. A very intimate evening to remember in the setting of your choice.

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Take Charge of Your Career

With over 6 Million subscribers, iFanz, established in 1998 by McCartney, is one of the largest Fan Management Systems around. Indie-owned and advertising free, iFanz lets you start and grow your own Fan Base, manage your marketing and PR by sending out e-newsletters, coupons, announcements and upcoming releases. It even sends automated birthday greetings personalized to each and every one of your Fanz.

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Martin Nethercutt
"The Viceroy of Vibe"

As President of McCartney Multimedia, Inc., Martin is responsible for business and creative
strategy by overseeing the 50,000 foot view for the company. With over 25 years of business
experience, Martin's main focus is the technological as well as creative expansion of the McCartney brand(s).

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